Week 9 Photos

Lee Ann Layman


These are photos of the puppies in their new homes.


Good Morning Lee Ann,
Here is a picture of Sampson. He loves going for rides everytime he sees the van door open. He is great and loves being around kids and playing. He was potty trained in less than two weeks which was great for us. He knows how to sit, stay, lay down, and shake hands all within the first 3 weeks of having him home.

Here are some pics of Sampson at his best :-)

Jesse Gadison ~ Minnesota



Joy-A-Len's Golden Horizon
aka Rizer

Nikko and Rizer

" Just wanted to let you know that Rizer is doing really well. Over the last few days, Rizer and Nikko have become great buddies.  It's funny to watch them instigate each other to start a chase. Rizer sits on command already.  He started by watching as I gave Nikko commands and imitating him.  Now I give Rizer the command to sit and he does. I'm so happy with him and Nikko loves playing with him.  They wear each other out.  It was good meeting you.  I love your dogs, especially Maggie. "
Dianna Pratt ~ Port Huron, Mi

" When we go outside she wants to get into the plants. She loves to run in the back yard, she is so cute!"

Pam Dooley, Elkhart IN

Ellie having a great time in Leavenworth, Washington.

Toby ( 3 1/2 years old ) and Leia ( 10 weeks).

Joy-A-Len Yodas Toby Wan-Obi
&     Joy-A-Len's Great Princess Leia

Hi Lee Ann,

Toby and Leia are getting along great. Toby is just so good with her…she is a handful!!!  She has NO FEAR.  Everyone just loves her color.  She is going to be everything I could have hoped for!

We just love them both!!!
Thank you for my two wonderful children!

Talk to you soon,
Jo Anna Adams ~ Columbus, Ohio


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