Maggie and Cruiser
April 2008 Litter.
Week 2 Photos

Lee Ann Layman

Maggie and Cruiser had 4 boys and 4 girls born April 9th, 2008.

Photos taken April 16th, 2008
Point of Reference ~
This bunny is about 11 inches tall. Hopefully this will help you to see them grow as they increase in size compared to the bunny.

They seem to be taking after their dad, Cruiser.

Cruiser sticks his tongue out when he is sleeping.

Photos taken April 20th, 2008
They are trying to get up on their feet and sitting up now.
They are becoming more active and their eyes are starting to open.


The following pictures are of the four girls.


The following pictures are of the four boys.

Lee Ann Layman

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