Maggie and Cruiser
April 2008 Litter.
Week 5 Photos

Lee Ann Layman

Maggie and Cruiser had 4 boys and 4 girls born April 9th, 2008.

Four weeks old ~ photos taken May 7th, 2008

Sorry about the weird glow in some of the photos. I don't know if it was
the flash reflecting off the window or if I accidently switched the setting on my camera.
Taking photos of eight moving targets is not easy.

Everyone eating... again
"Watching Dad watch us"
Those are Cruiser's feet at the top of the photo.
Someone is a little piggy.

Taking an after dinner nap.
Baby Bouviers are great to cuddle with.

The following photos are of the boys.
The four boys with Maggie.
"Hey girls what are you doing over there? "
The following photos are of the girls.
The four girls with Maggie.
Maggie washing dinner off their faces.
Photos taken on Friday May 9th.
I was sitting on the floor playing with them and taking photos... they like to cuddle.
This is how a puppy pile starts....
a few get tired and sit down to watch
everyone else play.
Then a couple more join them .... and try to find a comfortable spot.
Until they are all asleep in a puppy pile!

Lee Ann Layman

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