Maggie and Cruiser
April 2008 Litter.
Week 6 Photos

Lee Ann Layman

Maggie and Cruiser had 4 boys and 4 girls born April 9th, 2008.

Five weeks old on May 14th ~ photos taken May 13th, 2008

I plan to bath everyone this weekend and take individual photos of each puppy.
I hope to have them posted on May 19th.

The following pictures are of the boys playing.
With 8 puppies, I use very cheap toys so if it gets rolled in something stinky, I can just throw it away.
The following pictures are of the girls playing.

Someone is sleepy.

I think there are TOES in there!

Wanna play with me?
The following pictures are of everyone playing together.

Can we play in the laundry room?

Mama Maggie!


Mmmmm... pant leg... those are fun to pull on!

Wait ! Toes taste even better!!
Hey, your right! Toes are fun to play with !!!

Lee Ann Layman

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