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Contractor:  Paul Stephenson of Stephenson Construction ~ Pender Island, BC
Workers: Mike, Keith, Matt, Brendan and Jeff

Keating Enterprises ~ Excavation
Jeff Edwards ~ Electric
Gulf Excavating ~ Concrete
Carl Miller ~ Pacific Plumbing

Logix Insulated Forms

These photos show the installation of the Logix insulated blocks used to form the basement foundation. These insulated forms have plastic reinforced bars which help the forms hold its shape as the cement is poured into them. These bars also support the steel rerod used to reinforce the strength of the cement. The whole house has the Logix insulated blocks. The garage is constructed of standard wooden forms.The logix blocks are more expensive initially. However, when the drywall is being done no insulation or evapor barrier is required.

Assembling Foam Logix Blocks
Basement Guest Room
Logix Blocks are very stable.
Front Corner of house
Kennel Room
View from Garage Door
Lower Level of House

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