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These photos demonstrate how the cement was poured via the long tubing extended from the pumper truck. Chuck wears the controls on a belt around his waist. He directs the volume and speed of the cement. Mike and Paul directed the tubing into the Logix forms. Matt's job was to stir the cement after it was poured so that it set evenly. Brandon held the machine as Matt guided the beaters through the cement forms to distribute the cement evenly and make sure there were no air holes.
Chuck, the Cement Controller
The Cement Truck Driver.
These photos show the garage foundation being poured.
Paul and John checking the cement forms
Brendan and Matt reinforcing the wall forms
Cement Pumper Truck
4 Cement Trucks were required for the basement
Mike pouring cement
Keith and Matt trowelling
Keith checking the height of cement wall.
The garage forms are not made of the Logix Blocks.
YEAH ~ the cement is done!

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