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This was hard work and difficult to watch when heights are a problem for Judith, the photographer. No one else, especially the excavator operator, Steve, seemed uncomfortable with the heights. The excavator had very little room to move, always on a slope. Some of the time he was perched on an embankment...30 feet down to the cliff and then another 65 feet straight down to the ocean. Good incentive to stay focussed. Other times Steve had the excavator wedged between tall cedar trees, our new house and our canopy which protected a few of our possessions. It was amazing to watch his skill with that huge machine. He was so calm.

The excavator arrives
Installation of drain pipes around foundation
Installation of mesh over drain tile.
Gravel around foundation over drains.
John and Mike ~ teamwork.
Paul the Contractor.
Paul directing excavator operator.
Filling in around garage.

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