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The men and the excavator work together to fill basement rooms with sand and gravel to get ready for pouring the floors. The last photo depicts what happens after the work crew has left and the photographer relaxes with her dogs. The accommodations is a 23 foot 1973 travel trailer. It is very cozy with 3 Bouviers, John and Judith. Phoebe has chosen to stay in Parksville with Judith's 99 year old Mom for the winter. The home has a warm gas fireplace and Mrs Forbes often sneaks treats to Phoebe when no one is looking. Phoebe takes her job as an old lady's companion very seriouly. She enjoys being the only dog for a couple weeks at a time. Judith returns to her mother's home every 2 weeks to check in on her and give the home-care worker a break. Phoebe is always glad to see her friends Goldie and Sunny, however she tolerates the puppy's antics very well for a 13 year old Bouvier. Phoebe is always glad to see Judith take the Taffy to the "Doggie Park" and get her out of her hair.

Another day...
...another load of fill for around the foundation..
Excavator moving shale.
Brendan showing off his balancing skills.
Excavation progress.
Compacting floor of kennel room.
Mike and John still working on the kennel room floor.
Mike and John working on family room.
The driveway.
Judith cuddling with Sunny and Goldie in the trailer.
Taffy is looking to see if there is room for her too.

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