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Now that the foundation is complete, we are now waiting for pieces of the house to start arriving from Pacific Homes on Cobble Hill, BC. The lower level windows and doors should arrive first with the floor joists. Things should start arriving around Nov. 20th, 2007 by transport truck and ferry.

Back filling over drain pipes.
Drains were installed by Carl Miller of Pacific Plumbing
Electrican - Jeff Edwards - installing power!
The lines are being buried under the driveway.
The lines will come into the house through the garage.
Mike is hooking up cables to move the shed.
Don't Drop It !
Excavator filling in lower level and kennel run area.

These photos show how gravel is added over the compacted sand on the basement floors. The garage floor was gravelled and ready for the delivery truck to park as it lowered the Pacific Homes 'Smart Walls' over the foundation to set them on the lower walkout basement level.The plumber started installing drain pipes extending from the lower level bathroom to the septic system. More drains were added to accomodate the kennel room doggie bath and floors.

Progress on the garage floor
Drains installed in the basement floor
The Kennel Room
The Guest Room

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