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Life on the Gulf Islands is often orchestrated by the arrival of the BC ferries.The Pacific Homes delivery truck arrived on the 7:30 am ferry. At 8:30am when we arrived home via the next ferry, the men were just finishing the unpacking and stacking the building materials. We were so disappointed when we could not be there to watch the truck drive off the ferry with the beginning of our new home.The construction crew took pains to make sure the materials were organized and stacked neatly so that it was easily accessable to them as they worked later. The smaller items were organized on shelves in the shed so that it could be locked up on the building site at night with their tools.... not that Goldie and Sunny (our Bouviers) plan to share. They take their jobs as guard dogs very seriously.

Our house materials at Pacific Homes waiting to be delivered.

Unpacking our buildnig materials
Protective Covering for our well.

Protecting lumber piles from the rain

Stack of roofing materials

The men had unloaded, sorted and stacked the new materials as they waited for the Pacific Homes 'Smart Walls' to arrive on the next ferry. These insulated walls are built in the Pacific Homes factory at Cobble Hill, BC on Vancouver Island. They are measured and cut with lazers and assembled. These are the basement walls which will hold the windows and french doors facing the waterside. It is a walkout basement. These walls had to be secured into place before the rest of the basement structure could be completed. They were carefully lowered over the foundation walls. Unfortunately, we were still on a ferry when this was happening and we did not get photos. The following are photos taken as the walls for each of the basement rooms took shape. Mike did the measuring, cutting and directing. Brendan and John did most of the nailing.

Mike does some cutting.
View from the kennel room
Sorting out the basement rooms.
The guest bedroom.

~ The Basement ~

Kennel Room ~ Family Room ~ Guest Room

Framing the family room.
Nail Guns ~ making things a little quicker.
Brendan with the nail gun.

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