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The lower level had to be near perfect before the next set of walls for the upstairs could be brought in. Paul and Mike worked with lazer beams to check their work. The walls were within 1/8 to 1/4 inch to speck. This will make the floors level. The day was dark but the weather held. The following are photos to show how this was done. It's great to see our blueprints coming to life !

Is the wall straight?
If the walls are straight... then the floor will be level.
Stacks of building materials.
Support Beams

The tide is going out.

View from the guest room.

View from the garage.
View from the outside of the guest room and family room.
View from the outside of the kennel room.
Saturna Island is across the way.
The dog runs will be here.
There are doggie doors.
Time to put things away for the weekend.
Gone for the day!

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