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Our Bouviers have been VERY patient with all the confusion of building the new house. They still don't quite understand why they are forced to go camping in the winter with no sign of a dog show. They are looking for a groomer since no one else seems to have time to keep them beautiful. Pet cuts are the answer for now.

Brendan over the guest room.
Brendan working on guest room walls.

I'm being treated like a real dog...
I did not sign up for this!

I want to be a spoiled Bouvier again!

The guest room.

Our property is fenced at the front by the road. However, down by the water it was not finished since we didn't know where rocks would roll during the excavation process. During the day when the men are working, the dogs have to stay up by the trailer home for their own protection. The building site is kept very clean to help prevent doggie accidents after work hours when they roam through the structure. Bouviers are very nosy. The campsite has a mess of plastic fencing, an old awning from the 70's and wooden platforms to keep the refrigator out of the mud....tacky, eh ? Well, it's home for now.

Hang in there Mike!
Hey ~ I'm guarding this refridgerator!
Installing window frames in guest room.
A kennel owners dream!
Three shaggy dogs ~ know any good groomers?
Taffy, Sunny and Goldie
Paul making more decisions.
Working our way through the materials.
Get out of the way kid!

The dog's play yard is located under several HUGE red cedars. There is one deciduous tree which has shed its leaves to make a colourful leafy carpet. Taffy, our 8 month old puppy, makes a game of seeing how many ways she can escape....and then runs straight to Judith.  Sunny and Goldie know to stay in their pen because they understand that is where we expect to find them... no option, no discussion. As you can see they are working at perfecting very sad faces. Once a day Judith takes them for a ride in the truck or to Mortimer Spit just down the road. There Sunny and Taffy take turns splashing through the waves sniffing out dead crabs or arguing over stinky pieces of driftwood. Goldie is too much of a lady for that nonesense...heaven forbid she get her toes dirty! She walks down to get the mail or enjoys watching the eagles dive or listen to the seagulls scream overhead. Her favourite spot in right between John and Judith in the queen size bed in the trailer. Phoebe is spending the winter in Parksville with Judith's Mom.

Big Trees!
Wanna Play?
What was that noise?
When can we come out to play?

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