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These photos show how the Pacific Homes 'Smart Walls' were installed over several days. It was amazing to watch how all the prefabricated insulated walls went up so quickly like pieces of a huge puzzle. It also explained why Mike and Paul were so particular as the pieces were being unloaded from the delivery truck. Each wall is numbered. They were placed by the crane from the delivery truck in the approximate area where they would be erected. These walls were produced to precise measurement using a lazer beam. They were heavy to move manually but 3 strong men accomplished the task. They were hammered into place until the trusses were installed. It was a great feeling to finally see our house plans come to life !

These walls have only been in our dreams for several years.
Retirement is the best !

Gotta start somewhere
View from the road.
The living room takes shape.
Just imagine the view.
We are having a cathedral ceiling.
The doorways will be 3 feet wide.
The guys are working on the Pantry.
1.. 2.. 3... Pull.
Good thing they went with the wide doorways.
More teamwork!
Insert Tab A into Slot B... huh?
The guys are making sure the walls are
installed in the right order.

Working on the kitchen in the rain.

Door to the garage.
John holding up a kitchen wall.
Front enterance way.

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