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These photos show how the Pacific Homes garage 'Smart Walls' went up. It was an eye opener for John and I because neither of us could remember why we had so many windows in the garage in our plans. Since neither of us are familar with blueprints, we had not noticed this on the plans which were designed 3 years ago. John is wondering where he is going to hang up all his tool with so many windows. Judith,on the other hand, is wondering how many hanging plants she can hang inside during the winter in the insulated garage. Hummm... maybe it's REALLY a greenhouse! John says "NOT! "

Smart walls for the garage.
Putting the puzzle together.
John nailing up the vapor barrier.
View from below.
The kennel room is below the master bed room.
Staircase to the lower level.
Framing in the Chimney.
Starting the deck.
Here is a sneak preview
of the view we will be enjoying!

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