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Since the delivery truck had to travel over Malahat Mountain and cross the channel on a ferry, it was well packed. Each heavy truss was unloaded by the truck crane individually. Each was numbered and stacked in an organized manner within the house and garage.There were also windows on the back of the truck. It was a miserable, cold wet day. Brendan amazed us yet again with his agile manouvers on top of the truck as he attached the cables to the trusses and windows. Mike directed where they were to go. John checked off the list as each item was unloaded. Our photographer, who does not enjoy heights in the best of weather, prayed constantly that the men would be able to get out of the way if something slipped in the wet weather and came loose. The men seemed completely unconcerned about the danger and stayed focussed on their tasks. The next day when the men were lifting the enormous trusses manually into place, I realized why they were so intent that each truss be dropped where they needed it.

The crane lifting a truss.
Brendan hooked things up for the crane to move them.
John checking the list to make sure everything is there.
Trusses for the garage.
Mike directing.
A little more this way.
At least the rain has stopped so things are a little easier.
Careful with those windows.
Everything is off the truck.

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