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These photos demonstrate one of the scariest days yet for the photographer. John worked as a roofer on factory buildings for 3 years as a young man. The photographer should have been prepared for this after watching him scale the barn roof on the farm, climb huge evergreen trees rescuing stranded cats and trimming unwanted limbs from power lines over the last 38 years. With my heart in my throat, I took these photos. By the time I was done, even the dogs were scared to look up.

And this man thinks he's enjoying retirement ?

John helping with the master bedroom.
John working on the roof.
It's raining again.
The Dining Room.
John is up in the rafters again... not bad for a 66 year old man.... huh?
They seem to climb like monkeys.
Not bad for a days work.
Judith was pretty nervous watching the guys up on the top of the house.
So she decided to distract herself with gardening.
Sunny and Goldie are helping her.

The last photo is my Rhododendrum getting ready to bloom.... who would have thought I could have a Rhododendrum blooming for Christmas!

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