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These photos show Roofs R Us owned by Jimmy Walker of Victoria, BC, who came a few days before Christmas to tar paper the roof so that we could start drying out the house. Winter is here and it has rained for 2 months. The electrician and plumber could not begin their work until no water could drizzle into the interior. We are very grateful to Jimmy Walker for arriving on short notice to help us out with the wet conditions. He is a busy man and could not actually roof the house for another 3 weeks. He will be back after the New Year. Brendan and Mike worked with long boards to make sure that the tar paper will not be ripped off in high winds. Jimmy Walker used 30 pound tar paper to guarantee a dry roof.

Yeah ~ we are getting a roof !
Making sure the ladder is secure.
Our Christmas Decorations!
Dave carrying the tar paper up to the roof.
Brandan working with the roofer
Glad it isn't raining today!
View from the front of the house.
When Dave was done carrying the heavy tar paper rolls to the roof, he played with Sunny.

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