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These photos show how the Stephenson Construction crew worked on our deck and skylights as the roofer, Jimmy Walker, put the tar paper up before Xmas. There will be more photos of deck construction as they lay the plywood and vinyl coating. New laws in BC require that new homes in the Gulf Islands use stainless steel nails for pretreated wood on building decks. That added another $1900 to construction costs but there must be a good reason for this new law. Brendan made the encasements for the 3 skylights.They are sitting in the future kitchen waiting to be installed over the diningroom.

Deck on the front of the house overlooking the water.
The skylights.

Goldie and Sunny have learned that Dorothy, Judith's mother, will sneak them food from the table.
They are her constant pals when she is at the table.
They both adore her and play mental games with each other trying to see who can sit closer to her when she is reading.

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