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These photos show how the plywood was glued down for the deck surface. Apparently the reason for the gluing is to help prevent squeaking as people walk across the deck. Once the plywood was installed it was necessary to cover the plywood before it got rained on...thus the tarps.
Our roofer, Jimmy Walker, started applying the metal roof. There are 3 skylights on the roadside of the house. Jimmy had started the garage but weather prevented him from continuing. First, the winds were so brisk that we lost power. Winds are the most prominent winter condition to remind residents of Pender Island that it is really winter. Then to complicate winter, we got FROST ! That made it too slippery to be on a high metal roof.

The surface of the deck is plywood, which had to be glued down.
Covering the new decking before it rains.
Working on the skylights.

There are three skylights facing the road.

Working on the garage roof.

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