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These photos are more deck construction. There are a couple new things. They show the new wooden frame for the chimney which had to be completed before the roofer got to the front of the house. Another addition is the metal poles that John installed to get ready for the new fence. This will be a 5 foot chain link fence which will protect the dogs from running over the edge of the 65 foot cliff into the sea. The metal poles had to be driven in about a foot into the rocks. There is also a photo of the foundation where John and I had to dig out around the foundation and remove the styrofoam across the front of the house. This will allow us to glue the vapour barrier onto the cement foundation. When we are ready to finish the patio area under the deck, we will be able to go from cement to cement rather than stryofoam.

Protecting the new deck from the rain.
John helping to secure the tarps.
The chimney is framed.
Unpaid Kennel Help!
The poles for the fencing across the bottom.
Sunny watching for mink?
Any critters in here?
Anyone want to play?
Sunny loves to check out the progress!

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