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These photos show the progress being made on the deck as the metal facia board is installed so that it won't have to be painted later. The metal will protect the deck from the pounding winds in winter. After the plywood was glued and nailed down, it had to be sanded smooth and levelled with filler so that there are no bumps. Then the vynel was glued down. It was very cold while this was being done. A propane heater was used to dry the filler and glue. The men continued to work in the bitter cold. The temperature got down to almost freezing.... which is COLD on Pender Island. Work had to stop for a few days when the deck became frosted one night. It was too slippery to be safe on the deck. The roofer was unable to return this week due to the frost on the roof and the winter winds off the ocean.

The deck beside the master bedroom.
A torch was used to heat the filler and glue so it would dry.
Brendan filling and leveling the deck.
Brendan sanding the deck.
The deck is looking good but it must be kept protected from the rain.
Laying the vinyl on the deck.
Keeping things covered while it drys.
Measure twice... cut once!
Putting up the facia metal around the eadges.
Jeff Edwards of Jay E Electric installing lights in the kitchen.

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