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These photos show what the house looks like now that the windows and doors have been installed. We were not on Pender Island when they were being installed. We had been in Parksville helping Mom when one of the few snow storms hit Vancouver Island. It only dropped a couple of inches of snows but since many drivers on Vancouver Island have no clue how to drive in the snow, it seemed safer to stay in Parksville until it melted. We wrongly assumed that Pender Island also received the same snow storm. Apparently it didn't because when we returned the windows and doors were installed, the plumber ~ Carl Miller ~ had finished burying the drain pipes in the basement floors and the roofer was working on the front of the house. The next building stage shows how the garage is being sided by Keith and Matt. Keith also had to remove the styrofoam from the foundation around the front door.

Keith working on front door.
Keith working on the siding.
The front door and the garage... this faces the roadway.

Matt working on the garage.

Matt making progress with the garage siding.

These photos are of the windows and door from the inside.

The bathroom.
The solarium will go here.
With the installation of the front door,
the house is taking on the feeling of a home....
a drafty one at present but our future home.

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