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These photos show what the fireplace wall structure will look like. We inserted the gas heating unit just to see how it looks. Kelly from Wilke Heating from Victoria, BC will come to install the heating pipes and vents to the chimneys for the gas fireplace and the downstairs woodstove in mid March. John finished installing the new fencing across the bottom of the property so that the dogs cannot run over the cliff in their excitement when having fun.
Our electrican, Jeff Edwards from Jay E Electric is preparing to install a fan in the livingroom cathedral ceiling. He has many of the canister lights in place. Keith has been busy with the siding on the water side of the house. When he completed the siding under the deck with white vinyl, it appeared to add more depth and light to the area. Mike was working on the solarium window area framework. Skyview Solar will install the solarium windows soon. This will make our new home completely enclosed.
It is amazing that the men have worked all winter without heat. Some days the temperatures dipped into the mid 40s F (about 8* C).

A gas fireplace will be installed upstairs..
New fencing across the bottom of property.
Roofing and siding the same day
Siding under the deck.
Lighting preparations in cathedral ceiling.
Mike Building solarium frame.

Brendan & Jeff smoothing gravel base.

Jeff leveling basement gravel for pouring cement.

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