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Our roofer, Jimmy Walker from Roofs R Us worked on the ridgeline while Scott from Ocean Plumbing owned by Cam Davies from Pender Island installed our HRV system. The air exchanger unit will aid in circulating the air from the basement to the main floor which will help to heat our home in cool weather since the wood burning stove is to be installed in the basement.. It will also clean and filter the air before recirculating it throughout the house. It will definitely be a benefit to my allergies. It will help reduce molds, pollens and dust from the air.
John has been busy adding 2 x 6 boards between the wood framing on the main floor. Since there are so many windows in our new home, wall space will be limited. Adding these support boards to the frame work over the stairwell was a tense experience for the photographer. John has "NO FEAR" when it comes to heights. He used his multi purpose ladder in many arrangements to gain his balance. There should be less "discussions" about where to pound holes in the drywall now that he knows where there is extra support for nails. I usually wait until he leaves the house before hanging pictures. It's just easier that way.
Scott working on HRV
John adding 2 x 6 boards
Jimmy Walker working on ridge of roof.
View from our new deck.
Spring Flowers are blooming on Pender Island.
A Woodpecker works on a tree
as construction goes on at our new home.
Heather in bloom on Pender Island.
Daffodils at Driftwood Centre
Rhododendrum blooming at Driftwood Centre
Driftwood Centre is the only shopping center on Pender Island.

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