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The moment which we have been waiting for came when Charlie White arrived from Salt Spring Island to pour the basement floors. With him came his crewmen, Dave and Michael. It was amazing to watch as these men quickly move through the cement to create a smooth floor.
We had to hire a pumper truck to get the cement from the driveway where the cement truck had to park, down to the basement area down the hill. First Charlie White mixed a light cement mixture by hand in a bucket to send through the tube from the pumper truck. They called this mixture "slurp". When this test was completed successfully, the tube was connected to the cement truck. Then Ken on the pumper truck, directed the flow of the cement to the men in the basement. Jeff had already placed the steel mesh over the levelled gravel on the floor area. The staircase had to be removed too. They started in the far bedroom and worked their way to the kennel room floor. The family room came next. The cement was spread evenly and then smoothed by Michael with a long pole and a type of board attached to it. Charlie did the skillful hand work as he smoothed the cement into corners and along the edges. The guest bedroom was completed last. The men worked quickly and amazingly cleanly.

Charlie White arrived from Salt Spring to pour the basement floor.
Dave and Michael unloading equipment.
The cement pumper truck.
The cement truck.
Charlie checking out cement truck.
Mixing up some slurp to test the line.
Connecting the pumper truck to the cement truck.
Getting started.
The Slurp means the line is clean.
Adjusting the wire mess as floor is poured.
The Guest Room
The Family Room.
Pouring the kennel room floor.
Looks messy.
Charlie getting the edges smooth.
A nice smooth floor.
John leveling out the slurp.

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