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We have been very busy. As some projects are nearing completion, we are scheduling our next steps in the building process. The cabinets have been ordered from Lowes Home Improvment. We have found our flooring but have to hold off on actually ordering it until we are ready for it. The electrical inspection is complete. The plumbing is well on the way to being complete. Carl Miller from Pacific Plumbing has installed the showers, jet tub and most of the drain pipes.Wilk Stove from Victoria arrived on schedule to install our piping to the roof for the propane gas fireplace and the basement woodstove. The HRV system installed by Ocean Plumbing (air exchange system which moves and filters clean air throughout the house and helps move warm air from woodstove in basement to main floor) is complete. The solarium is complete. The vinyl siding is almost complete.

But most important of all ~ our home is now completely enclosed from the weather.

This is very good news, now the insulation and drywall can be started...
then there is the painting, the flooring, the kitchen cabinets....
With the outside nearly complete.... the men are working on the inside too!

Jeff Edwards works on the electrical in the garage.
Brandan working in the basement.
John works on the framework for the shower
in the basement.
The lights have been installed in the guest room.
The duct work for the HRV Air Exchange System.
The master bathroom is making progress and the hot water tank is here (definately need one of those)!
John and Judith can not wait until the whirlpool tub and the hot water tank are operational !!
Charlie White works on pouring the garage floor.
The garage floor is finished. Judith applied a seal coating over the top to help reduce any staining.
With it being in the low 50s, they had to put a propane heater in the garage to help the floor dry.
Workers have been applying the finishing touches to the vinyl siding.
Scaffling for the men to work
on the chimney for the woodstove.
Keith finishing up more vinyl siding
around the chimney.


John and Judith keep telling themselves
"all this effort is going to be worth it ! "
They have been camping for 8 months now and are ready to get out of the trailer!

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