Page 36 ~ April 15th, 2008

The house is coming along quite well. Inside the house, Joey and Harley from Alpine Insulation are installing insulation in the walls and ceiling. They are making quick work of the project. John is also working on the inside building the access doors to the attic. Outside the house, Keith, Brendan and Jeff from Gulf Islands Deck and Rail are busy installing the aluminum deck railing. John was also working on the connection to the septic treatment system to the house. He ran a pipe into the house where the air pump to the 3 outside tanks will be located. While everyone else was working on the house, Judith was working on the yard. On one of her trips to Vancouver Island, she brought back topsoil in the bed of the pickup truck via the ferry from Sidney. Landscaping on Pender Island is difficult because it mainly consists of trees and ROCK ! There are large bolders, big rocks, little rocks, bedrock and shale. Not exactly a gardeners paradise, but she is going to turn it into one. She has filled many containers and hanging baskets with dirt and can't wait to start planting flowers. She is optimistic that this summer she will have mainly 'contained' gardens. 
John, Judith and the 3 dogs will be happy to move into their new home within a few months. Although spring has arrived, camping is getting very old. Sunny and Goldie are Judith's constant shadows, while Taffy entertains herself by finding all kinds of mischief. She keeps a close eye on her buddy, John. Elderly Phoebe and our parrot, Polly, are still residing with Judith's Mom in Parksville.

Alpine Insulation
Storing insulation in the garage.
Joey walking on stilts while installing insulation.
Joey insulating around dinning room window.
Harley working around skylights and the fireplace.
Extra support between 2x4s to make it
easier to hang pictures around the house.
John installing trap doors to access the attic.
John running the pipes to the Septic Treatment System.
Air pump connected to septic in order to test the pipes.
Brendan and Keith working on deck railing.
Keith attaching deck railing.
Thanks for all your hard work Keith !
Jeff helping with deck rails.
Deck rails along the side of the house.
Opps... Judith got distracted by the view
while taking photos of the house.
John and Judith can't wait to sit down and enjoy their new deck!
Bringing in dirt for gardens.
The daffodils in bloom.
Just imaging flowers in all those hanging baskets.
Sunny and Goldie with their spring haircuts.
Judith has already planted some tomato plants.
Seems anything that can hold dirt
has become a container garden!
Taffy on the move...
... wanna play with me?
Goldie and Sunny snuggling into the sleeping bag with Judith in the trailer on a cold morning.

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