Page 37 ~ May 14th, 2008

These photos show the men from Mike Fiskers Drywall company working on the house. They work very quickly and are incredibly strong. The boards that were heaved up on the livingroom cathedral ceiling weighed 180 pounds. They worked with a scaffoling due to the 12 foot ceiling height. Other photos show Brendan from Stephenson Construction finishing off the roof ridge. He wore a harness and worked quickly on one of the few warm sunny days we've had this spring. John is forever cleaning up after the work crew.

Attempting to get the veggie garden started.
Brendan finishing up the roof ridge.
Harnessed up for the job.
Last nail on the roof ridge.
Drywall for downstairs bathroom.
Drywall for familyroom.
Drywalling the livingroom ceiling.
Easy does it over the stairwell.
Entrance way and notes from buiding inspector.
Plumbing for doggie bath to be covered up next.
John cleaning up the siding materials.
Keith still working on the siding.

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