Page 39 ~ June 9th, 2008

The drywall has been installed on the framework throughout the house. They are now applying what Mike says is the first coat. He is very skilled and works quickly and easily with his eye to detail. All the nail holes are being filled. There is a heater running in the basement to help dry the mud. The house is incredibly warmer due to the smart wall installation and the logix blocks in the foundation. These should make it easier to heat the home in winter.
In preparation for the drywall being complete soon, John and Judith travelled to Bellingham,WA to purchase the interior house paint. There are 2 kinds of primer paint. The first coat is the sealer and the second coat primes the walls for painting. Earth tones were chosen for the upper floor except for the master bathroom where 3 colours (mauve) were selected to enhance the light. Judith plans to do some relaxing in the jet tub while she reads.


Mike Fisker Drywall
Mike working on the garage
Mike working on the kitchen ceiling
Mike working on the laundry room skylight
Trip to Bellingham for paint
Paul and Bob beginning the gutters
Bob making the gutters for the house
Paul,Brendan and Bob measuring gutters
John begins creating a retaining wall
near the septic system
John working on the corner of the retaining wall
Goldie and her granddaughter,Taffy
relaxing in the trailer


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