Page 40 ~ June 25th, 2008

John and I decided to do the painting ourselves. All the ceilings have 4 coats... a sealer, a primer and 2 colour coats. The master bedroom, master bath, walkin closet and laundry room are done. The livingroom and dining room were a "learning experience". We chose a sage coloured metallic paint without realizing that metallic paint requires one complete stroke from the ceiling to the floor. The livingroom ceiling is 12 feet high and the stairwell wall is also part of the livingroom which made it 25 feet in places. Our arms and the extended pole were just not long enough to be able to make one stroke with the brush. Also not calculated was the way the light from the water side windows played tricks with the metallic colour. Needless to say, those rooms are a disaster. The colour was indescribeable.
So a change is in order and a new coluor is yet to be decided. Do we reprime the wall ? Do we just try to paint over it and see what happens?

John painting the sealant and primer in the garage with the roller.
Judith doing the edging in the garage.
Wow ~ that is one purple bathroom!
The living room disaster with the Metallic Sage.
It is a pea-green color and very uneven.
Not really what we had in mind for a finished project!

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