Page 41 ~ July 27th, 2008

Here are some photos showing how the garage door was installed.
Now we are waiting for the electrican to come back so that we can test the electric door opener.

Brendan and Paul organizing the pieces of the garage door.
Brendan working on the garage door.
Building the garage door... panel by panel.
9 foot tall door to accomodate the high top van.
Installing the garage door opener.
The garage door is finished.
Bob working on the gutter covers.

These colourful photos show what Judith has created to distract herself from the frustration of not being able to live in her new home yet. She gathered loose seaweed on the beach and buried it in her planters and gardens during the winter months. Many of her creations are made from old inverted lamp shades found in the local second hand store. Victoria, the capital of BC and nearest large city, is famous for it's hanging baskets. Since most of the property is loose rock and shale, gardening is proving to be a challenge. There is a small vegetable garden on the bottom of the slope but is it struggling. The rocks heat up in the sun and burn the plants. Maybe next summer there will be veggies hanging in baskets too ???

Goldie appears a little frustrated about having to live in the old trailer when she would REALLY like to move into her new home.

She was watching the construction workers assemble the garage door.

John preparing the bathtub for the tilers when they arrive again this week... and working to finish the painting touch ups.

These photos show John organizing the timbers which will support the kennel runs which will extend from the 3 doggie flap doors from the kennel room. Sunny and Goldie have easily figured out how to enter the house from the outside using their doggie doors.

Flooring Canada of Victoria delivered the tile and vinyl flooring via BC ferry. John and Judith decided that their new home is going to be as maintenance free as possible. Thus, they chose vinyl flooring throughout most of the home because they do not want to have to refinish flooring in the years to come. Tile is hard on old retired legs. The kennel room is tiled on the floor and some walls. The bathrooms will have wall tiles as well.


This is Mark Brierley from Victoria. He is doing a fantastic job... by himself... on the vinyl flooring. He is incredibly strong and works long hours. He brought his travel traveler and is camping in Pender Island's provincial park.

Living room and dinning room floors are ready.
Guys delivering the wall and floor tiles.
Rob installing the Kennel Room tile walls.
Brian cutting floor tiles.

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