Page 42 ~ August 28th, 2008

The flooring was installed by Mark Brierley of Victoria. He works quickly and meticulously. We are delighted with his work on the flooring. The tile, done by Rob Willa, looks fabulous too. The house is beginning to look like a home. John finished the attic opening. Jeff Edwards, our elelctrician from Jay E Electric, has almost completed installing all the appliances, plugs and lighting fixtures. He is held up as we wait for the kitchen counters to be installed. Then he can hook up the cooktop. Our plumber, Carl Miller from Pacific Plumbing, has made one toilet and the master bedroom shower functional. He is waiting for the countertops in the kitchen too so he can hook up the dishwasher. Mark came back to Pender Island to help John install the interior doors, kitchen cabinets, base boards and trim around the doors. They work well as a team.

Rob Willa working on tile in master bath
Kennel Room tile walls complete.
Jeff Edwards, our electrician, working on guest room plugs.
John working on trim work of attic access.
Mark Brierley working on master bedroom floor.
Mark working on living room floors.
The guest bedroom floor.
Guest Bedroom bathroom and closet.
Family room flooring.
Kitchen and dinning room floor.
Living room floor.
Mark in the master bathoom.
John and Mark discussing trim work.
Mark and John working on hall closet door.
Mark installing interior door frame.
John and Mark working on more trim.
Everything looks so great... we can't wait to move in!
John working on more trim work.
John and Mark working on kitchen cabinets.

Some appliances to be installed.


It almost looks like a real kitchen !

John is very happy with all the progress!
Judith was actually able to wash a load of laundry in her own house using her brand new washing machine on August 30, 2008!
She has even started moving things inside!


Mark Brierley,of Victoria, and John worked diligently last weekend to complete trim and base boards on the main floor. Judith filled in nail holes with wood filler and repainted trim and base boards where necessary. Judith continued to paint interior doors with 3 coats. The kitchen now has some functioning appliances. Slowly some furniture is being moved into our new home as we bring it from Parksville where it has been stored for over a year in the garage at Judith's Mom's home. John and Judith continue to oversee Dorothy's care. She will be 100 next month and in good health. Phoebe, our 14 year old Bouvier, now lives in Parksville with her. She is more comfortable there with a plush carpet and Dorothy constantly sneaks her treats from the table. Phoebe enjoy's tomatoes and bacon... under the table. Phoebe is becoming very spoiled and loves it. The two old ladies take walks together each day.


More landscaping timbers and supplies for building another retaining wall.
Wilke's arrives to install woodstove.
The woodstove.
We will have heat... if we ever actually need it.
Vanity and plumbing supplies for the master bathroom.
Judith works on repainting trim around the doorways.
View from the living room
John and Judith have been dreaming of this
for a LONG time.

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