Page 43 ~ September 19th, 2008

These photos involve the installation of the trim in the basement and around the stairwell. John installed temporary dog pens until we can get gravel for the runs. We have been taking the 3 dogs everywhere we go when leaving the island to shop for building materials. It is not always easy to find shade for the truck when parking in Victoria, although the temperatures are usually around 70 degrees in summer. With this pen, the dogs can use their kennel room in the house while we are gone and use the doggie flap doors to let themselves in and out.We are never comfortable leaving them alone in the trailer in case we miss the ferry. Other photos show how John built another retaining wall beside the garage where the propane line hooks up to the house. Carl, from Pacific Plumbing, arrived to work on the master bedroom vanity before he left on vacation to California.

Carl has arrived to work on the Master Bathroom.
Master Bathroom Vanity
John and Mark working on trim in the basement
John working on trim on stairway to basement.
John working on the Propane Line to the house.
John working on out door dog pens
Not exactly the "lap of luxury" Goldie had in mind... but she has a nice view from the dog pen.

These photos show how John has been busy building a temporary landing to be able to get into the garage and house from the road side. Also more work on the dog pen.

When can we move in?
John had lots of help.
Our new home!
Hummm... this looks suspiciously like a dog pen...
The dogs much rather play in the yard then stay in the dog pen !
Hey... what is going on? Why are we in here?

John has also been working on the propane line connecting the house to the tank. Next will come the Bobcat to move the pile of dirt to cover the propane line. That's why John built the retaining wall first. These photos show how we hired Keith Light with his Bobcat to dig a trench for the propane line and move the dirt piled from the original construction last fall. John and Judith dug 3 trenches by hand since working on the house this past year. John wrenched his back and hips, and Judith tore the ligaments down her right side. Both are healing slowly but learned a valueable lesson...they're getting old and their bodies won't take as much abuse as they used to. All went well. Keith is very proficiant and can turn his Bobcat is very small areas. Superior Propane installed the tank the following day. Now we are waiting for Wilke Stove from Victoria to return and hook up the connection which John installed to the tank. We're getting ready for winter ...that would be rain in B.C. !!

The Propane Line
Keith Light unloading the Bobcat.
Lets get to work!

With the Bobcat and some shoveling...
the guys are making progress!

These photos show how the Bouvier Gang followed John and I under foot as we hauled the drain gravel down the hill beside the house to the dog runs. Our dogs will live in the house with us, as always. However, when we go off island for the day, we need a safe place to leave the dogs in the comfort they have become accustomed. The kennel room is equipped with a 'doggie' bath, hydraulic grooming table, their raised beds, tiled floor and walls, and their dog 'stuff'. There will eventually be 3 individual pens and outdoor entrances for each pen. This is necessary to accommodate the girls when in season and puppies, eventually. The 'doggie' flap doors are installed. John has laid timbers outside to separate each pen. Today's task was to move the drain rock from the driveway where Ted Hamilton delivered it, to the dog pens. Three yards were delivered. It took the 'old folk' more than a few trips down the hill working as a team.

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