Page 44 ~ September 29, 2008

On Friday September 26th, 2008 ~ We received our TEMPORARY OCCUPANCY PERMIT !!!

We can now live in the house ! Judith has been painting the interior since June. There are a few more touchups and then she can throw away her brushes and rollers for a while. Originally the house plans called for wooden stair rails. Once the drywall was complete, it was evident that this home is definitely a west coast contemporary style. Glass instead of wooden railings just adds to the open concept of the living, dining and kitchen areas. These interior railings are similar in colour and height to the deck railings on the exterior installed by Gulf Island Deck and Rail.
The countertops and basement window sills were installed by the busy team of Alex, Colby and Ashton from Stone Trends in Sidney on Vancouver Island. These men put in a full day installing quartz countertops and marble sill. The results are fabulous ! We matched the countertop colour scheme to the bark on the tall red cedars outside the kitchen window. From the livingroom your eye travels from the tile surrounding the fireplace to the countertops and around to the sill of the solarium.
Judith was shopping at the Farmer's Market in Duncan on Vancouver Island and purchased a banana tree. The saleman assured her that it could grow well outside, even in winter on Pender Island. It was just too lovely so it remains in a pot... although it has grown over a foot in 2 weeks..hmmm. Could be he meant that it would work out BETTER as an outside plant. Oh well, if it outgrows the solarium it can be moved to the livingroom which has 12 ceilings...and then ?

The greatest news of all....we got the temporary occupancy permit to live in our new home ! We are still lacking lots of plumbing, a countertop cooktop, glass for the railings and and some cement work around the well head to protect the electrical wires. Oh, yes... we need some furniture too! The utility trailer coming west could carry only necessities.... tools and doggie stuff. We seem to have lots of lawn chairs though. Soon we'll be ready for company !

This is the main floor bathroom door.... the LAST door to be painted!
John has put the knobs on the kitchen cabinets.
John working on the railing.

John installed the railings in an afternoon. The tricky part was getting the glass to size.
It was special ordered from Home Depot. We'll have to wait a couple weeks for the glass.



Alex, Colby and Ashton
from Stone Trends in Sidney on Vancouver Island.

It's really starting to look like a home!

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