Page 45 ~ October 8, 2008

These photos show how happy we are to be in the house... on a temporary permit... but we're in. Our entire one acre property is fenced with a black 6 foot aluminum fence. This was erected several years before we were ready to build, as security for our dogs. John and I took down the temporary orange plastic fencing which surrounded the old trailer this week. There were many trades-people coming through here over the past year as we were building. Most had their arms full of tools or materials and did not remember to close the gate to the road. Many on Pender Island seem to have a dog or two, but most don't seem to understand our obsession with keeping our dogs safe from the road. Our Bouviers are family as far as we are concerned. It still amazes us to watch dogs running at large here with no apparent care for their safety as people jump out of their vehicle with the dog right behind them or walking along the road. Since we have a new home for the old trailer, we took down the plastic fencing to make it easier to have it removed from the property. The white utility trailer is now empty too. It was moved to the side driveway and the 10 x 20 canopy which housed our clothing, rototiller, canned goods, bikes, etc was also taken down. What a great feeling to know that these items are now in OUR garage ! One of the photos demonstrates just how large the trees are in BC's coast. Have you ever seen such a huge maple leaf ? Sunny and I found such leaves on our walk down the road to our mail box. Fall must be here ! Since out here most trees are coniferious, we hardly notice. It is getting a little cooler at night though but our flowers are still blooming.

Trailer ~ now parked in side driveway.
Stacking up some wood for winter.
The dog yard made of snow fence ...
finally coming down!

That is Judith's cell phone laying on the leaf...
Isn't it huge?

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