Page 47 ~ February 13th, 2009

On the side of our home closest to Canal Road, we needed a cement retaining wall to tier the ground. The foundation is exposed at odd angles for landscaping due to the steepness of the hill our home sits on. Since this is the south side of our home and Judith is a gardener it was necessary to find a way to reclaim this lovely garden space. Wally is our cement contractor for the retaining walls. He built the forms for the footings first. Glenn Grimmer delivered 2 yards of cement for the footings. Glenn owns Gulf Excavating on North Pender Island. There was enough cement over to pour a cement lip into the garage to make it easier to drive into the garage.

Once the footings dried,Wally built the forms for the cement wall installation. Wally works quickly and is very dependable about returning to complete his work. John enjoyed working with Wally who is quite a conversationalist.

Wally and John finish foundation forms for cement retaining walls.
The cement retaining walls at on the roadside of the house. The front door is to the right just out of the picture.

Glen Grimmer arrives with cement truck
Are we ready to pour the footings?
Once the footings were set, John helped Wally build the forms for the walls.
Any guesses what the retaining walls will be retaining? .... what else but more flower beds!
Judith has been decorating the house... hanging pictures and buying house plants !
Polly loves the "jungle" feel of the solarium!
These photos show the last installation our plumber, Carl Miller, has done. He installed the water filter to the intake pipe from the well in the downstairs stairwell closet. Carl did great work on all the plumbing throughout our house construction.
All three bathrooms are complete too!

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