Page 48 ~ March 17th,2009

These photos demonstrate one of the reasons John and Judith chose to retire on Pender Island, British Columbia... they were taken in February. You will notice that John is wearing his Pender Island "Winter Gear"...just a sweat shirt. John was helping Wally Kolwalski by mixing the cement for the foundation wall covering.

The foundation was constructed using the Logix Blocks. These blocks are styrofoam. The foundation cement was poured into the styrofoam blocks. The styrofoam is left as insulation. There is a plastic wrap on the outside of the styrofoam which is exposed. Building codes require that this plastic wrap be covered with a thin layer of cement. Wally attached cement wire to the blocks and then added  cement over top. Wally was applying the first coat in these photos.

While John and Wally were doing the cement work, Judith shovelled 6 yards of gravel. She wore her "Winter Gear" too which is a light raincoat. This gravel was deposited by wheelbarrow in front of the basement french doors all across the water side of the house. It took several days as Judith isn't as young as she used to be. The house sits on bedrock but there is dirt mixed into this which is tracked into the house easily by the dogs.

An eagle sat watching both procedures most of the afternoon. The eagles like to sit in the trees by the ocean and fish on the oyster bed below. Taffy likes to watch the eagles. She also follows Judith with each load of gravel down the hill and around the corner. There is still more gravel required in the dog pen area but Judith says that she has the next 30 years to complete that. Her plan is to stay young by staying active. Right now finding a way to keep the dirt down is the priority.

Happy Birthday Taffy ~ She turned two years old on March 13th.

John built the wooden retaining walls and has installed an arbour. He made a wooden walkway with materials left over from the building project. Judith shovelled the 16 yards of topsoil on either side of the walkway. Judith has covered the topsoil with seaweed. Hopefully this will help keep down the weeds and act as a way to hold the water in the dry Pender Island summers. In anticipation of spring she has already planted a palm tree, 3 rose bushes, some red hot pokers and a whisteria bush in this new garden. The tulips planted last fall are poking through the ground too.

John then installed the black aluminum deck railing over the retaining wall. The Bouvier Gang was making a game of running full blast up the hill and leaping up over the 4 foot retaining walls into Judith's garden. That was a NO ! NO !

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