Page 50 ~ October 1st,2009

We are doing more cement work. Our house is built on a steep hill. The retaining walls make it possible to tier our property. We like being at the top of the hill. It makes for a greater view of Browning Harbour as the various types of boats pass by. It is also safer from the point of view that if the bank ever gave way at the coastline, our home is 150 feet back from it. Our home sits on bedrock too. It is shale near the water.

These are the cement footings
for the base of the front porch.
Getting ready for the cement.
Transporting the cement.
Filling the front porch footings with cement.

John and Wally Kolwalski, Pender Island's cement man, installed the forms for a cement retaining wall along the driveway. It was quite involved due to the stope of the steep driveway. Judith had many perennials planted near the construction zone. The men did a great job of working around the plants. With the small amount left over from the cement order, John filled in an area in the driveway to straighten the only level parking spot in front of the house.

This wall will eventually be filled with dirt for ... you guessed it... more flower beds.
Looking good !
Wally and John work on a cement curb between the flower bed and driveway.

Who know Judith would need cement walls
to contain her flower beds?
Those must be some pretty wild plants.

The last of the cement was used to level out the driveway.

This photo shows the construction of the railing down the retaining wall stairs beside the garage. The 4 dogs like to stand at the top of the stairs and look through the trellis to the driveway. With four of them jockeying for position at the top, Goldie fell off of the stairs. John soon installed an aluminum railing for "doggie" safety.

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