Page 51 ~ October 4th,2009

John and Judith took a day off and did some local sight-seeing.

We had a great time on the Race Rock trip with the Field Naturalist Club!!! We left Victoria Harbour on a 41 ft chartered crusier with 20 people aboard. It was a cool but relaxing day at sea. We were very fortunate to see a "frantic feeding" of various kinds of seabirds. Our guide guestimated about 10,000 ! In all his birdwatching he'd never encountered such a mass of birds. Most of my photos were blurry but we had so much fun in the 5 hours we were out in Puget Sound. After we encountered the swarm of seagulls, we came across a humpback whale. He came very close to our boat. Unfortunately I couldn't capture him on camera as he upended and displayed his magnificant tail. I guess I was in awe !  From there we travelled over to Race Rocks where there is a research station on some barren rocks. The huge sea-lion colony of males had arrived to spend the winter with the young sea-lions on Race Rocks. We could smell them before we actually saw and heard them. There were a couple hundred easily. It was a wonderful day with friends from the Field Naturalist Club.

That's a lot of birds!!!
Sorry, the whale won't hold still for a photo.
Sea Lions on Race Rocks ~ the southern most tip of Vancouver Island.

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