Page 53~ July 21, 2010

John and Judith are working on the landscaping again.

These photos are of Bear Tree Service trimming some of the coastal trees in June. By trimming the trees, they will thicken up to be stronger on the bank instead of getting tall and unsteady in the wind. We don't want to risk losing our bank.

What a job... climbing trees and cutting limbs on a cliff!

The next set of photos are of John and Wally Kolwalski building cement forms for a retaining wall and then pouring cement for the wall. This structure will hold the bank so that John can build a woodshed later. Since our home is built on a steep hill,retaining walls hold the shale in place. 

Lift with your knees... not your back !
John moving the wet cement over to the forms.
John and Wally filling in the forms.
Another retaining wall.
Erin from Gulf Island Excavating
Only 1/2 a yard to go... !

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