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Summer Vacation to Pender Island ~ 2005
On the journey to Pender Island, BC, we stopped to visit some new friends along the way and attended a few dogs shows... we always enjoy traveling with our Joy-A-Len Bouviers...

~ John and Judith Allen ~


The first stop was at Lee Ann's house
to drop off Goldie and Echo.
She certainly has a house full!

Goldie watched us leave
and was not happy about being left behind.


The next stop was in Washington to visit "Leah"
and her owners Cline and Kirsten Sweet.

Leah showed Sunny and Phoebe
where she gets to run and play
in Icicle River.

Sunny, Phoebe, Leah


"Leah" showed Pheobe how to fetch a stick...


but getting her toes wet was more that enough for her.


"Sunny was more adventurous...


but then boys like playing in the mud!


The next stop was White Rock, BC...
where Sunny and Phoebe spent a day at the Beach with Marina.


It was a little windy...
but fun just the same.

Judith... Marina, Phoebe and Sunny

Judith and Marina

Since the beach is a popular place,
Sunny and Phoebe
were confined to the x-pen.

Phoebe and Sunny



Marina and Sunny did some winning
at the Glacier View Kennel Club in Courtenay, B.C


Joy-A-Len's Yuletide Marina
earned her first
Canadian Championship Point
at 9 months old.

Judith and Marina in the ring.

Joy-A-Len Sundara of Pender


"Sunny" ~ Best of Breed


Phoebe and Sunny... enjoy the view from their future home on Pender Island.