Photos from Joy-A-Len Bouvier Lovers
We like to receive interesting photos of puppies we have sold.

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Interesting Client Photos ~ Adult Dogs

Summer Fun... with Joy-A-Len Bouviers

Bear owned by Dr. Glady relaxing with the
kids on Lake Huron near Sarnia, Ontario

Marina - is a Maggie/Willem November 2004 puppy

Can CH UKC GRCH Willem Belle v't Hangijzer CGC

"Willem" lives in Sarnia, Ontario and is co-owned by Sue and Doug Fortin with Judith Allen.

Willem is pictured with Amberlee, Sue's daughter. He loves to go for walks to the park regularly to check out the duck and squirrel population. He has been known to get so focussed on his counting that he has run right into the lake up to his chin.... strong herding instincts, no doubt ! Willem will continue with his show career to complete his 4th championship in the spring of 2004.

Frisco exercising in family swimming pool and relaxing after his pool workout.
He is owned by John DeVico, from Florida.

"Thor" is a Maggie / Willem puppy (Nov. 2004). Owned by:
Don & Sheila Schneider, Florida
Thor is Marina's brother.


"He loves to swim ... he has to be right where I am, holding on like a little kid (notice the paw on my shoulder). I think he is the most intelligent of my bouvs. At about 5 months old, he discovered how to open doors... not only those that swing out, but also those that he has to pull toward himself to open! He also is the most talkative bouv I've ever known. And did I mention he has to be the center of attention?"

Sheila Schneider
Port St. Lucie FL



Susan Gallaher from Florida
is hooked on Joy-A-Len Bouviers.

As you can see, she has a tendency to indulge them.
Thanks for the great picture Susan.
Here is lazy "Bear".

He turned seven in
December 2003.

Sue Gallaher asks~
"Isn't Rascal beautiful? He is a wonderful, delightful dog."

His parents are Rebel and Phoebe.


"Quelle" loves to play in the pool with the grandchildren.
She also gives a new meaning to "bear skin rug" as "Peddie" the Jack Russel Terrier uses her as a dog bed.
"Quelle" lives in Croswell, MI with owner, Yettive Hurley.

"Quelle" is also an experienced cattle/buffalo herding dog.
She distracts the cows while Yettive gives shots to the newborn calves. She is also very protective as she has defended her owner from a charging bull.

Just Relaxing... with Joy-A-Len Bouviers

Joy-A-Len's Sunne Morgen Morgen is Sunny's sister and they turned 1 year old on December 5th, 2003.

Morgen is owned by Vicki Lewis of Frankenmuth


"Leah is so fast and has great springs in her legs.  She has also turned into quite a swimmer.  We run along the Icicle River each day and she has several stops where she jumps in for a short swim. She usually just pops in and out of the water, but one day I was distracted for a minute or two and looked out in the stream and Leah was about 30' feet from shore casually trying to swim upstream. I quickly called her back!"

Cline and Kirsten Sweet - Washington

Can you find "Leah"?

"Leah" gets to go for her walks
in some of the most beautiful places!

Marina - Easter 2006
(Yes, the stuffed bunnies survived the photo)



This handsome boy is from Maggie and Willem's December 2001 litter.

UKC Champion Joy-A-Len's Leopold

Leo was able to find a second home
with Tracy Whitis and family
in Kentucky.

Leo is pictured with
Tracy's daughter Alyssa.

Farrand-Quacady V.D. Lage Banken (imported from Netherlands)
Neutered Retired Show Dog ~ Born Feb.18, 1997.

Due to health concerns of Farley's previous owner, he needed a new home which he found with Debbie Burns of Michigan.

lives with Nancy A. Smith- Edwards
in Indiana. She is a Maggie / Willem Puppy.


Joy-A-Len's Pick Up Stix

"Luke" is owned by Judith Vanhavermaat of Michigan.

"Jibe" is owned by Laura VanHavermatt
from Toronto.
A puppy is from Darla's litter. He is heavy boned and developing into a beautiful dog.
He is 16 weeks in this photo.


"Rachel and Marina" Owned by:
Judy Harris, British Columbia


"Marina" looks a lot like her Mom... "Maggie"

Joy-A-Len Bouviers have Fun with Friends...

Party Animals! "Leah" celebrates her second birthday
with her ferret friend. "She is a great travel companion!"
Cline and Kirsten Sweet of Washington.

"Leah" is from "Maggie"
and "Willem's" February 2003 litter.

Joy-A-Len's Tomecek's Roxie

"Roxie" is owned by
Charles & Levon Tomacek
of Edgerton, Ohio"Joy, our daughter, with Roxie and
our toy manchester, Lucy floating
on rafts in our pond" ~Levon Tomecek"Roxie" is from "Maggie"
and "Willem's" February 2003 litter.

"Hogan" is a Goldie puppy
who lives in New York.

What does his family say about him...
"we absolutely adore him."

What does Hogan think of living with a cat?

"Never turn you back to a cat!"


Another Great Client Photo....

"Nero" eats his dinner while his Pug Friend "Tag" waits for him to finish.

Walkin' A Bouv!

"Nero" owned by Yvonne Grinnell
of Maryland.

"Hi this is Yvonne Gwinnell... that is Nero.  The puppy walking him is Ollie a four month old Cairn Terrier.  Ollie grabs his lead whenever he sees Nero and walks him all around. It is the cutest, funniest thing ever."


"Faith" (foster bouv) and "Nikko"

Nikko is a Maggie / Willem puppy
from November 2004 - his nickname was Tubs
His registered name is
Joyalens Yellow Brick Road

" Nikko at about four months old sitting nicely (doesn't happen often, usually jumping off of something) with his foster friend (seven months) Faith.  The bouvier in the background trying to stay out of their path of destruction is our five year old female Elphaba. Nikko is absolutely a ball of energy! The whole family thoroughly enjoys him and his antics.  He loves to jump on Elie's back when she isn't expecting it. He had several weeks of playing with Faith (fostering her for ABRL) and the two of them played tug of war with everything they could."

Thanks ~ Jill Chappell from Pennsylvania

This handsome puppy, "Frisco", born Aug. '98 is the mischievous
pet of John DiVico of Florida. His parents are Joy-A-Len's Poetry In Motion
alias "Phoebe" and Am Can UKC CH Robblaure's Joy-A-Len's Rebel CGC alias "Rebel"

Jumping for Joy

Joy-A-Len's Claras Heart, alias Pooka owned by
Linsey Doell. Parents of Pooka are Rebel and Phoebe.
Future plans are training for agility events.

Winter Fun ... with Joy-A-Len Bouviers


UCH Majestic Sugar Bear
UCH Joy-A-Len's Neptune Zoe CGC Kneeko and Zoe
Owned by Lenea Crawford - Majestic Bouviers

Bouvs love to PLAY!!!

Run... Jump... Dive into the snow!

We're Melting!!!!



Sisters: Echo and Kneeko

UCH Joy-A-Len's Majestic Echo and UCH Majestic Sugar Bear

Their mother is UCH Joy-A-Len's Neptune Zoe CGC

Mother and Daughter

UGRCH Joy-A-Len's Neptune Zoe CGC and UCH Joy-A-Len's Majestic Echo



A Bouvier Christmas


Merry Christmas 2006
from Loki and Vincent in Colorado.

"Loki (left) is from Maggie / Willem's December 2001 litter and Vincent (right) is from Goldie and Willem's September 2003 litter.  Vincent is one of Cruiser's littermates.  They are wonderful dogs and they love hamming it up with all the attention they get when we take them out in public. "
~ Kim & Keith Schwartz Colorado Springs, Colorado



Goldie / Willem puppy ~ Cruiser's brother
Owned by Sheila Harrison

Merry Chistmas from "Marina"

She lives in Vancouver, BC with her family. She is a Maggie/Willem puppy.


What do Bouviers love
about the holidays? ...

All the extra attention
and goodies!

"Daisy is a joy.  We have never had such a loving dog. Her new thing is taking a nap in the bath tub. She is keeping our 17 year old Fred young. She makes him play and loves everyone. "

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!
Pat & Mary O'Sullivan ~
with Miss Daisy (Bouv) and Fred

Yvonne and Nero visiting
the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

"Nero loved running along the beach."
Yvonne Gwinnell from Rockville, MD

Joy-A-Len's Touch of Class
at 2 years old,
a Maggie/Willem puppy.


"Tilly is a wonderful dog and she loves to travel. She even sits in lawn chairs around the campfire with us." Nancy and Fred Garneau from Michigan

Fred and Tilly ~ spend a lot of time together.

Carmen and Emily are ready for Christmas 2004.
Emily is a Retired-From-Show-Business Girl.
They are owned by Dave and Julie Krisko of Michigan

Joy-A-Len's Odyssey
Joy-A-Len's Utopia C'est la Vie


They are owned by Sandy Benoit.

Merry Christmas
from Leavenworth, Washington.
December 2003!

Cline Sweet clears snow
while his Bouvier, Leah, supervises!

Mark Pohl's Children from Ohio with their dog Shadow (1998)

Playing in the snow and spending time with friends! 
Odie shares his home with a French Lop but thinks it is the funniest breed of dog he has ever seen!
Odie is owned by Sandy Benoit is pictured here with Sandy's Granddaughter (bottom right).

Emma enjoys a sleigh ride from Leo with a little help from Diane, Christmas 2001.


Joy-A-Len's Lotsa Brisel owned by Mitzi Lucas.

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