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 Client Photos ~ Puppies

Anyone need a bath?

Tilly (the Bouv) and her friend Texas (the Boston Terrier).
Tilly is a 13-month-old Goldie puppy (a sister to Cruiser) who lives in Canada.

"She is very gentle in every way and extremely sensitive. 
She only needs to be told no once and she listens.  We love her!!!" 
Belle Poland from Brigden,Ontario,Canada


"Sheba" is owned by Joe Tonen
in Nova Scotia, Canada

Zoe and Sunny puppies at 6-months-old.
Their April 2005 litter.


Johann Roebelen and Grizzly
from Connecticut


Joy-A-Len's Xuberant Duchess at 7 months old. She is a Goldie baby.
Duchess "loves to go for walks, chase birds and is very affectionate
with neighbors and other dogs.  Her favorite treat is carrots but enjoys a
variety of fruits and vegetables." Steve Howard of Michigan.

Stella just sittin' around with her friend Duke.

Hi! I'm Stella...

Goldie and Willem are my parents which makes me a full sister to "Cruiser"...
he is my big brother.

~Another satisfied Joy-A-Len Bouvier Client~

"Just wanted to thank you for Stella. She is GREAT. She goes on wagon / sleigh rides and just loves it. We started dog training 6 weeks ago and she passed. We will start the next session soon.  I just can't say enough good things about her. Thanks for a fantastic puppy." - Jeannette


Joy-A-Len's Yuletide Marina

"Marina" is contemplating
a show career in the future.

She is a Maggie/ Willem, November 2004 baby owned by Judy Harris in British Columbia, Canada.

Joy-A-Len Yours Truly Gabrielle
"Gaby" is a littermate to Marina.
They are from Maggie and Willem's November 2004 litter.

Gaby lives with the Hartin Family
in Overland Park, Kansas

Sheila Harrison just loves her Goldie/Willem baby ~ Riley
"As you can see he is fitting right in with everyone. He is already helping with the chores,
and the grandkids are sharing his little house with him. He is doing great and we all enjoy him very much!"


Susan Brown also loves her Goldie/Willem baby ~ Hogan
Arriving at his new home in New York...
Playing in the garden....
and learning about that white stuff!

Joy-A-Len Uncle Tommy Walker (dog) and Leon the Professional (cat) keep each other entertained.

"Leon" is showing the new kid, "Tommy", how to operate the automatic watering system.
They are owned by Carl and Cathy Christensen and live in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Joy-A-Len's Tap Dancer - "Holly"

Holly likes playing with Willow (the cat).... "the tail is the best part"!

 "Holly is smart, confident and learns very quickly."
Owner: Sally Hedin of Michigan

Holly is a Maggie & Willem puppy from February 2003.

Joy-A-Len's Touch of Class - "Tilly"

Tilly enjoys sleeping in the shower... and riding in golf carts.

"Tilly is a great dog and a fast learner. She loves to play and entertains herself well.
We love her to pieces." Owners: Fred and Nancy Garneau of Michigan.

Tilly is a Maggie & Willem puppy from February 2003.


 "Dharma" at 11 weeks old and owned by Nancy Carey.
She is from Goldie and Willem's September 2003
litter and a sister to Cruiser.
"Riley" is a Darla & Willem puppy from May 2002.
"Tawny" is a Maggie & Willem puppy from February 2003.
Both are owned by Judy Goodson in Wisconsin.
"Riley & Tawny"

Joy-A-Len's Treasured One - "Leah"

"Leah getting ready steal Zbeau's rope. Zbeau belongs to some friends and Leah really puts him through his paces. She is quite an athletic girl - she has springs in her legs."
Owners: Cline and Kirsten Sweet of Washington.

"Leah" is a Maggie & Willem puppy from February 2003


Joy-A-Len's Sunne Morgen
is owned by Richard and Vicki Lewis.

"Sunny" and "Morgen"
are litter mates from Xena and Rebel's
December 2002 litter.

"Sunny" is a new addition to the Joy-A-Len Bouvier Gang.

"Riley" and "Porter" are
from Darla and Willem's May 2002 Litter

Joy-A-Len's Riley enjoying "the life of Riley".
Owned by Judy Goodson in Wisconsin.

"Porter", Riley's brother, lives in Colorado and is owned by Tracey Odom.
Porter just graduated from his
Kindergarten Obedience Class.

And having fun in the snow...

"Millie" lives in Lexington, Michigan.
Joy-A-Len's Just Chillin'
alias T.J.
owned by Lance Petross, St. Charles, MO

""Wilson" is from Phoebe and Willem's March 2002 Litter.

Joy-A-Len's Questful Wilson at 9 weeks old.
She is owned by Peg Juran of Ray Township, MI.
Her buddies are a rottie and a wire haired pointer.

"Nero" and "Zoe" are
from Emily and Willem Summer 2001 litter.

This is Joy-A-Len's Nero owned by Yvonne DiVico from Maryland.
Nero is about 10 weeks old in this picture.


UKC CH Joy-A-Len's Neptune Zoe CGC at 1 year old.
Zoe earned her CGC title at 13 months old.

Zoe is owned by Don and Lenea Crawford of Saline, MI

Lenea and Don Crawford are proud new Bouvier breeders with their first litter from
UKC CH Joy-A-Len's Neptune Zoe CGC. They have named their kennel ~ Majestic Bouviers.

Zoe is the daughter of Can CH UKC GRCH Joy-A-Len's Ebony N' Gold and
Can CH, UKC GRCH Willem Belle V'T Hangijzer CGC bred by Joy-A-Len Kennels.

Zoe was bred to I'm Special Brittkens Marc.
She had three puppies and they are:

Majestic's Treasured One
Majestic Sugar Bear
Joy-A-Len's Majestic Echo

UCH Majestic Sugar Bear
Bailey is a Zoe and Sunny Puppy
from April 2005

Zoe and her puppy Bailey at 16 weeks old

Owned by Dr. Allan and Marcy Newman of West Bloomfield, Michigan.

Am Can CH Joy-A-Len's Norseman's Troll C.G.C.
alias Norman

Dax age 8 weeks

Bear is about 8 months old in this photo ~ owned by Louise Androni, Port Huron, MI

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