Photos from Joy-A-Len Bouvier Lovers
We like to receive interesting photos of puppies we have sold.

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Client Photos ~ 2006
November 2006


Joy-A-Len Ciao Isabella

Isabella is a Maggie / Cruiser puppy.
She is living in Seoul, South Korea where her owner is currently stationed.

" We absolutely love Isabella even with all her little quirks!  She is extremely athletic and we hope to find some kind of outlet that will enhance her natural abilities. She is definitely has endeared herself to us and we couldn't be happier. .."
Philip and Colleen Malebranche

Client Photos...October 2006

~ Remy ~

Goldie & Willem puppy
from the Summer 2006

Gary and Christine Stallard of Oregon
with their Bouviers, Zbeau and Kaya.

Kaya is a Maggie / Cruiser puppy.

Cline and Kirsten Sweet of Washington
drove to Oregon to house-sit / Bouv-sit
with their dog Leah (a Maggie / Willem Puppy)
for the Stallard's
while they were away visting family.

Instant friends and half-sisters,
Leah and Kaya
were dubbed "The Pistol River Divas"

Is that dirt on Leah's Bandana?

The "Pistol River Divas"
and their bodyguard!

Kaya is in the forefront,
Leah in the background
and Zbeau is on the right...
at the Pistol River Beach, Oregon.

Kaya is wondering why her new
friend, Leah, has to go home.


"Everyone loves Kaya, she has a
personality that just won't quit.
We feel fortunate to have her"
~ Christine Stallard.

UACH Joy-A-Len's Tomecek's Roxie
Charles & Levon Tomacek of Ohio


A Maggie / Willem
February 2003 puppy.



Joy-A-Len's Double Trouble alis Bentley

An Echo & Sunny puppy
from their April 2006 litter.

Bentley on his first camping trip.

"He has brought us so much joy into our lifes. He is a hand full but that is ok because we love him so much. Thank you so very much for letting us take this wonderful little man home he has diffently made our lives happier, and much more interesting!"  Don, Pam & Shanna Bird

Client Photos...July 2006


A cold, rainy weekend camping with friends

Joy-A-Len's Carmel Cashew
( a Cruiser / Maggie puppy - Jan 2006)




Joy-A-Len's Charismatic Rudy
( a Cruiser / Maggie puppy - Jan 2006)


Client Photos...April 2006

"Here is 'Leah' with Kirsten and our youngest son Erik near Watson Lake just outside Prescott, Arizona.  Leah loved scampering over the rocks." Cline Sweet ~ Washington

Leah ~ a Maggie/Willem Baby.

Marina just loves to play at the beach... running (left), jumping (above) and enjoying the beautiful weather in British Columbia, Canada.

She is a Maggie / Willem girl.


UCH Joy-A-Len's Bocephus owned by Yettive Hurley
"Bo" is a Goldie / Del puppy.


Kelli - Owned by Yettive Hurley.


Zbeau, Christine and Kaya (a Maggie/Cruiser puppy)

"Hello from Oregon. We sure do love Kaya.  She is really smart, inquisitive and just a joy to have around.  She has won her way into Zbeau's heart." Christine
Joy-A-Len's Chanson Kaya




Client Photos...March 2006

It's been a year of mud filled fun...
Can you believe our Daisy is 1 ?!?

Somehow our Fred has survived the year...
despite the fact that his sister's still here...

Happy Birthday Miss Daisy...
Mary & Pat O'Sullivan


FYI: Daisy's friend, Fred, is a 17 year old lab/shepherd mix.

Riley ~ owned by Sheila Harrison. He is a Goldie / Willem,
September 2004 puppy... which makes him a
littermate to Cruiser.

"Riley is a delight... he loves the ranch and all the work that goes with it. He especially loves herding the cattle and is getting quite talented at it! You were right about him being bullheaded, but that is what makes him so loveable!!! " ~ Sheila Harrison


Gaby ~ a Maggie / Willem Baby

Joy-A-Len Yours Truly Gaberille

Gabby and her friend Kirby.
Kirby is 12 years old.

Holly ~ 3 yrs old ~ a Maggie/Willem Baby.

"We have been inspecting cell phone towers across the state for environmental concerns and working out of the RV.  She is having a great time helping me."
Sally Hedin ~ Michigan

Look's a little chilly for camping?

Jezabelle is 1 yr old.
She is an Olivia / Del puppy and a sister to Sofie.

Pictured at left, sharing her basket with her friend Charlie.

"She is a great dog and very smart, we love having her. She has been a joy to train and loves every minute of it. We are currently training her for obedience which she is excelling at. We have even trained her to put up her toys in her toy box."
Melissa and George Cushman ~ Germany



~ Mandy and Jenny ~
both girls are in their retirement years
and doing well.

Mandy (left) is the mother of Goldie and Emily.


Joy-A-Len's Yuletide Marina

Marina is a Maggie / Willem Puppy working on her Canadian Championship in British Columbia, CA.


She looks a lot like her Mom... Maggie.


Millie ~ is from Xena & Rebel 2002
A sister to Joy-A-Len Sundara of Pender ~ Sunny.


Murphy is from Maggie & Willem's first litter.


"Millie has a mind of her own and Murphy is soooo relaxed. We have never had such GREAT dogs!"
Jeanette, Rick, Murphy, & Millie
from Lexington , MI

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