Photos from Joy-A-Len Bouvier Lovers
We like to receive interesting photos of puppies we have sold.

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Client Photos ~ 2007


Here are a few photos of Remy playing in the snow. 

~ Happy Holiday ~ Victoria

Joy-A-Len's Eighty Proof
Remy looks a lot like his brother, Cruiser!


Client Photos ~ December 2007


Wish everyone a


wishes you a Merry Christmas.

Marina ~ enjoys her runs
on the beach
in White Rock,
British Columbia.

Ah... winter in British Columbia... know wonder Judith wanted to retire there,. it looks beautiful.

Marina who is a
Willem x Maggie puppy
is now three years old.


Client Photos ~ October 2007

Zeus ~ wants to wish everyone
a Happy Thanksgiving.
He is 8 months old and lives in Michigan
~ a Cruiser x Maggie puppy ~


~ Happy Halloween ~

Thank you
Lenea Crawford
for sending the photo.

Sweet Pea ~ pink
is a Kneeko x Riley puppy.

Sparkle ~ yellow
is a Sunny x Zoe puppy



Chilli with her Boston Terrier and cat friend.

Chilli is a Goldie/Willem puppy.  She is 2 years old.

Client Photos ~ June 2007


Joy-A-Len Ciao Isabella

Isabella had her herding instinct tested and she passed with flying colors.  It was the first time she was up close and personal with livestock.  Needless to say, she is a natural and has already exhibited great skill. I have never seen Isabella so focused and determined than when she was in a pen. She has a very strong working drive and was upset when other dogs were herding and she was left behind to watch! However, the evaluator said that Bella was more advanced and more of a natural the first few minutes she was in the pen than dogs who have been working and training for months.
Colleen Malebranche - June 2007 ~ Arizona



Client Photos ~ May 2007
"I can't believe that Dillon is a year old.  I found a real gem of a dog trainer. Dillon gave him a real challenge. He says it is hard to train a dog that does what you want before you ask him to do it. We finally got the backyard fenced a couple of months ago and everything changed.  He and Molly are so happy to have room to run.  They run and play and Dillon is too tired to get into things when he comes in. Thanks" ~ Lois Decess


Dillon looks a lot like his dad ~ Sunny.


"Here is a picture of Millie & Murphy from Croswell, Mi. What can I say except we have the perfect Bouviers!! " ~ Jeanette & Rick

Milli and Murphy


with her owners !


Hi there!  Thought you might want to know that Leah has "come home again" (back to Michigan) and thinks Lake Superior is "superior".  She's not quite a "Yooper" yet, but we really enjoyed our time in the Upper Peninsula, especially the Keweenaw area.  We're heading east to Maine.  Then we'll head down the east coast through South Carolina and Georgia before heading west through Louisiana and Texas to Tucson, where we'll be for the winter (2006/2007) again. ~ Cline and Kirsten, Leah and Perrin (our ferret)

Joy-A-Len's Eighty Proof

" Remy"

Goldie & Willem puppy
from the Summer 2006

Client Photos ~ April 2007

Joy-A-Len's Isaac Newton

Isaac lives in Toledo, Ohio and loves to play
in the park with his Border Collie/Shepherd
mix friend (right) and his family.

Client Photos ~ January 2007

Joy-A-Len's Always Busy Izzy
Born February of 2005
Katrina Johnson Novi, MI


Joy-A-Len's Yuletide Marina
Owned by: Judy Harris, British Columbia


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