Photos from Joy-A-Len Bouvier Lovers
We like to receive interesting photos of puppies we have sold.

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Client Photos ~ 2008

"Remy" ~ a Willem x Goldie Puppy
He certainly looks like his brother, Cruiser, doesn't he?



Client Photos... December 2008

These are some recent photos of "Hogan". His parents are Goldie and Willem. He was four this past summer. We absolutely adore him.  He is smart, adorable, loyal and an absolute character.

Have a Happy and
Healthy New Year..

Susan Brown

Merry Christmas
from Marina

in British Columbia


John & Judith,
My wife and I have never met you but we were the very fortunate companions of a Bouvier that was sired by your CH Robblaure's Joy-A-Len's Rebel and CH Tonie Marie of Woodland's.  The breeders names were Michael Woodley & Kathleen Hill and they were in the Detroit metropolitan area. We had the pleasure of having him for 12 years and 4 months. He was, in our mind, the most spoiled Bouvier ever.  He had is own bedroom with his own double bed. We had seen Rebel once at a dog show in Detroit.  He was quite impressive.
I have attached some photos of Einstein and perhaps you'll see a little of Rebel in him.  I just want to thank you for providing us with many joyous years of a great experience and Bouvier companion.
~ Karen and Kevin Quinn

a.k.a. EinmasterJ



We have been the proud and greatful owners of Ruggles, a dark brindle girl from your December 2001 littler by Willem and Maggie. Lee Ann sent her to us by plane to Portland and we have loved her ever since.  She is not small, my son is  6'3", the Ruggle's is 73 pounds. We have decided this is our favorite Bouvier of the three we have owned since 1991.

Ruggles is almost 7 now.

Thank you, Dana, Bob, Nathan, Keith and Elena Schaefer
(and Ruggles)

"Franklin" is a Tilly and Sunny puppy and is 1 1/2 years old.

Tilly owned by Belle Poland is a sister to Cruiser.


"Franklin is sweet and well loved."
Orit Szwarcman ~ Detriot, MI


Happy Halloween
From Nero

Owned by :
Yvonne Gwinnell



Rizer is doing great.  He and Nikko play a lot and get along really well. Here are some recent pictures.  A couple pictures were taken when I took the dogs to my office and the other picture is of Rizer at puppy kindergarten.  I'm very happy with both of them.  In fact, I've been happy with all my dogs from Joy-A-Len Bouviers. 
~ Dianna Pratt, Port Huron Michigan

Rizer ~ a Maggie x Cruiser puppy


Nikko and Rizer at the Office

Rizer at Puppy Class


"Hi Lee Ann ~ Here are a couple of pictures of our babies from Maggie and Willem's November 2004 litter. One is of Thor, Sheila Schneider's dog. Sheila is my sister who lives in Florida. Thor is opening the door to let himself and her other two bouvs into the house. The other is of Nikko relaxing in the shade on the deck after playing football with my son and his friends. He scored the winning touchdown!!!
Thank you so much for these wonderful parts of our lives! "
Jill Chappell from Pennsylvania



"Stowe" is 10 years old and
lives in the Washington DC area.
She is a Phoebe x Rebel puppy.




"He is so funny and is so smart. I just love him. "
Dianna Pratt from Port Huron, Michigan.

Nikko likes to climb the tree in the backyard.
He certainly proves the idea that Bouviers look like bears.

"I left my bone here somewhere!"

Nikko is from Tilly and Sunny ~ born April 2007
Tilly is a sister to Joy-A-Len's Undaunted Cruiser


Joy-A-Len's Caramel Cashew

"Here are a few current pics of Cash.
He is such a joy."
~ Julaine Eddy from Grand Ledge, MI ~

Cash and Tess... enjoying life as spoiled Bouviers.
Cash giving Jon a Bouvier hug!
The family went sledding.
Cash likes to help Ethen wash his hands.
Cash relaxing by the fire after a busy day.... ahhh... the life of a Bouvier.
Cash is a Maggie x Cruiser puppy. Born January 2006.

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