Photos from Joy-A-Len Bouvier Lovers
We like to receive interesting photos of puppies we have sold.

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Client Photos ~ 2009

Judy Harris, owner of Marina, came for a few days to visit us Pender Island. We took the dogs on some trails through the BC rainforest. They love to investigate. The first photo with Judy and I was on the Hart Trail. We walked for about 2 hours or 10,000 steps on Judy's step meter. The second photo was taken on a short ocean access trail about a 1/2 mile down Canal Road from our home. It was Robbie's first time on the trails. He was 4 months on Saturday. (9/12/09) ~ Judith Allen

Marina owned by Judy Harris

Bouviers tend to make themselves at home whereever they are...


I'm not sure what got into our well behaved middle-aged lady. She doesn't usually engage in any counter surfing or similar antics when we're in the trailer, but I turned around one day and guess what I saw... Leah relaxing on the kitchen table after taking time to turn over and mess up a few things. Oh well - keeps life interesting.

Cline Sweet ~ from Washington

I do believe the Joy-A-Len's Treasured One
is the most traveled Joy-A-Len Bouvier!


Leah deciding whether to take a tour in Bisbee, Arizona. Our son was with us and she was very very concerned when he went throught the doors for the tour and her pack was reduced by a third!

Cline Sweet ~ Leavenworth, Washington


John and Judith had another visitor to their new home

Judy Harris, owner of Marina, a Maggie & Willem puppy
(pictured at right)




Joy-A-Len's Grace Von Beardsley


Grace is a Maggie x Cruiser puppy
from April 2008.


Grace earned
her Canine Good Citizenship
July 2009 !

Congrats Grace!!!

Joy-A-Len's Eighty Proof





How to water a Bouvier...


"Tawny if we could only get you to turn off the facet when you are done! "


Tawny and Riley are doing well. 
We think the world of both of them. 
Judy Goodson ~ Erie, Colorado

"Hogan taking a labor day stroll with Sloan and Eli.  Hogan is five today (9/7/09).  His parents are Willem and Goldie. 
We love, love, love him, he is such a good boy and what a character!  We live in Bedford, New York, 45 miles outside of
New York City.
"  ~ Susan Brown


Sheeba and Simba

Sheeba is a Zoe and Sunny puppy.

Simba is a Kneeko and Riley puppy.
Simba is a full brother to Robbie.

Both live in British Columbia.

Simba with his family!


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