Photos from Joy-A-Len Bouvier Lovers
We like to receive interesting photos of puppies we have sold.

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Client Photos ~ 2011


Good Morning Lee Ann:

My husband and I are enjoying Jasper so much! He is wonderful at keeping himself occupied and he loves to chew on his toys or run with squeaky leopard in his mouth. Outside he is obsessed with sticks. I learned quite quickly that, unless I want shredded bark throughout the house, to keep all sticks outside. Now, when we come to the door after a walk I tell Jasper to leave whatever stick he's found by the door. Needless to say, I have a pile of sticks by the front door. He carefully selects one to carry with him whenever we go for a walk.

Jasper is a people dog and a wonderful companion. He loves to drape himself over my lap, especially when I'm at the computer. Another favorite thing to do is help me take a bath. I have a large whirlpool and he drapes himself over the side and splashes with his face and front paws. The day he jumps in with me is the last day he's allowed in while I'm bathing!

Lyn Hood ~ Michigan


Jasper is a Sydney x Bear puppy from the June 2011 Litter



I am finally getting around to sending pictures of Joy-A-Len's Jacmel Zbeau. He is a Sydney x Bear puppy and is doing well. A very active "little man" as I call him. He loves to terrorize Kaya, our other Bouvier (from Maggie and Cruiser) as well as all his canine friends. They endearingly refer to him as "TT" for "Tiny Terror" even though he's not so tiny any more (weighing almost 60 pounds!). He loves the beach and loves to eat sticks and any plant material he can get in his mouth -- including raspberry vines! Yuk! I've never seen a dog lay out flat like he does. He is a source of entertainment, for sure.

Christine Stallard, Oregon


Bella is wonderful and plenty frisky. Our neighbor has a german shorthair pup about 11 months old so Bella gets a lot of exercise with her plus a couple walks a day. Now that Bella is a little older, so she doesn't chew on everything, like little hands, she and the grand kids get along great. She just loves them and runs around looking for them after they leave.

Bob Metcalf - Michigan

Bella is also a Sydney x Bear puppy.


Hi Judith,
The beach pictures were taken in Lincoln City.  We were celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving with family. We are constantly stopped and asked what breed Harley is--and we get so many compliments about how beautiful he is.  People pet him and take pictures.

Sheryl and Doug Beasley - Oregon

Harley D and his family.
Sheryl and Doug Beasley from Oregon.

Harley D is a Taffy x Rizzo puppy.




"Like Mother,Like Son"... an affectionate family trait.
Bouviers like to cuddle like a big teddy bear.
Taffy and John are sharing the recliner watching TV.
Harley D is sharing the couch for a nap with his owner, Doug Beasley from Eugene, Oregon.
Harley D is a puppy from Rizzo and Taffy's Spring 2010 Litter.



Judith's mother, Dorothy, celebrated her 103rd birthday the end of October. Goldie went to the birthday party and enjoyed the afternoon at the nursing home with about 50 elderly patients who attended the birthday Party / Hallowe'en Party. Goldie had a blast. She's arm chair level with the wheelchairs and the residents love spending some time with Goldie.

Here she is enjoying some time with Phyllis.

Goldie and Dorothy the birthday girl at 103 years old.


Zeus enjoys going
on the family vacations!

Thank you Vicky Yinger
from Michigan for the great pictures.

Zeus is a littermate to Taffy.

Zoe ~ is a Taffy x Rizzo puppy.

Hi Judith
Zoe is really good, we just had 16 day vacation at Long Beach, walking everyday for miles, was so relaxing. Zoe was in heaven!
Her temperament is so secure, smart and intelligent! She learns so easily, I really enjoy working with her and teaching her new things.
Take care Judith and John and keep up the great photos!
~ Lisa Hilton, Whistlet, British Columbia ~

Fender is a Taffy x Rizzo puppy.
He lives in Calgary,Alberta
and is owned by Melanie Rowe

Hi Judith,

We just wanted to say hello and congratulations for all the incredible standings your pups have in the UKC. It's very telling to the kind of breeders you and John and your family are. We're happy to have one of your guys and can't wait for number 2 in another year or so.

For now, we are thoroughly enjoying Grizzly. He loves it outside as you can see he goes nuts in the snow and then crashes in his favourite spot on the couch. His siblings look great on the website what a stunning litter! It's nice to see how much everyone loves their dogs!

All the best and speak soon,
Angie from Pitt Meadows, British Columbias

Harley D is also Taffy x Rizzo Puppy.
Fender, Grizzley and Harley D are littermates.


Sheryl and Doug Beasley from Eugene, Oregon


Puppies from our last litter by Taffy.
Fender at 14 months old.

Hi Judith,
Here are a few photos taken of Fender last week. He's grown into a tall boy (at least 26") and he's a lean 75 lbs. We think he'll end up a silver
colour. He's got a great temperament. We're going to start agility in the fall and I'm sure he'll love it.
Melanie Rowe from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Grizzley is also 14 months old... he is a Fender's brother / littermate.
Hi Judith,
Here are some current pictures of Grizzley. He is loving life these days.  He is very obedient now, for the most part, not barky unless he's protecting, and he loves my side of the bed in the mornings. He has gone on a couple of camping trips this summer already, hoping for more but our weather hasn't really been the greatest.
Angie Marston from Pitt Meadow, Britsh Columbia, Canada.


Grizzley from Pitt Meadows, BC
10 month old Taffy x Rizzo puppy
Bouviers playing in a park... in Calgary, Alberta

Have you ever run into six Bouviers playing in a park all at one time?

Well, Melanie owner of Fender did just that... Fender is a 10 month old Taffy x Rizzo puppy. Jetta also owned by Melanie is on the far right. Melanie and Fender are second from the right.


For pictures of Taffy and Rizzo's 2010 Litter in their new homes ~ Click Here


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