Photos from Joy-A-Len Bouvier Lovers
We like to receive interesting photos of puppies we have sold.

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Client Photos ~ 2012

Lisa Hilton from Whistler, British Columbia
sent us these pictures of Zoe.
She is a Taffy & Rizzo.
She was playing at Long Beach and
met two other frolicking Bouviers.
They obviously had great fun together.


Toby and Petey ~ Petey was at Lee Ann's house for boarding and the Taffy & Rizzo brothers loved playing with each other for the weekend.

Joy-A-Len's Chanson de Kaya (Maggie/Cruiser)
Kaya is "sitting pretty" on the table
while her owner is figuring out the rest of the course.

Joy-A-Len's Jacmel Zbeau (Bear/Sydney)
Jacmel is coming out of the tunnel.

"They both love agility and are quite good at it.
Sometimes they are so fast it's hard to get a good picture without it being blurry.
Maybe we need a new photographer." ~ Christine Stallard & Gary Pelter Pistol River, OR




Joy-A-Len's Chanson Kaya has started attending agility class.
Kaya is a Maggie x Crusier puppy from 2006. She lives in Pistol River, Oregon.

We wanted to submit a couple of pictures of my best friend Maddox ~ Joyalens Semper Fi
His father was Rebel and mother was Zena. I believe his birthdate was 12/05/2001. December 5th was the day we all celebrated as his birth but to me 02/03/2002 was more significant. That was the day we drove to Michigan from Indianapolis to finally pick him up. That was the day our lives changed for the better. We had 10 plus years of love, loyalty and good times in Indiana and Oregon. My best friend Maddox just passed away and I wanted to share a couple of pictures. This is Maddox on the beach in Bandon, Oregon.
Thanks for Maddox ~ Henry LaFavers


Ryder owned by the Davidson Family
in Kalamazoo, Michigan came for boarding.
He enjoyed the week playing
with Echo, Cruiser and Maggie.


Ryder is a Sydney x Bear puppy
from the June 2011 Litter

Echo, (Lucas in the background) Ryder, Cruiser and Maggie

He also had fun playing with Lucas and Nicole.

Harley D and his family.
Sheryl and Doug Beasley from Oregon.

Harley D is a Taffy x Rizzo puppy.


Fender attending a Herding Instinct Test. Fender lives in Calgary, Alberta.
Hi Judith,

I hope you can see this picture of Grizz - he looks so good!  He's done some agility training with Warren and he is so smart and so good at it.  He's an unreal dog.

Angie and Warren Marston
Grizz and Fender are Taffy x Rizzo puppies.

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