Sydney and Bear's litter ~ born June 3rd, 2011

Puppy Pictures taken on June 16... 13 days old.

As you can see 11 puppies
take up a lot of room in the puppy pool!
With Sydney in there...
there is even less room.
The puppies have their eyes open.
One of the girls
They are starting to get up and move around.
They are already walking... at just two weeks old.
Now that they are moving around they are starting to bark too.
The six girls
The girls are looking for mom.
The girls.
Look at that yawn... someone is sleepy.
The boys...
The boys were sleepy while I was taking pictures....
Okay....really sleepy!
There is always one in every crowd
that has to go against the grain.
Sydney wants clean papers so she can have her puppies back in the pool.
We had to setup the puppy play pen
because the puppies were climbing out
of the laundry baskets
when we were changing papers.
Puppy pictures taken June 18 and 19.
The puppies have started eating on their own.
On June 19th, Lee Ann gave the puppies
their first hair cut by shaving their ears.
They are starting to play with each other too.

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